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General Information

MoodShuffle was formed in order to provide other businesses a legal entity to potentially do business with. In reality it is a very small company with zero full-time employees. Because of that, we have no staff to regularly monitor and respond to any sort of end-user requests.

Contact Information

E-mail: Please see the Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy before contacting us.


8048 Townsend Road
Dublin, OH 43016

Technical Support

Due to the size of the company, or the lack thereof, we are unable to provide individual-based support at this time. If you are having trouble using MoodShuffle please check out our MoodShuffle Support page. The FAQ there will be updated regularly as we collect and identify common issues.

Legal Information

Unsolicited Idea Submission Policy

While we definitely want you to send us bug reports, questions, and ideas on how to make MoodShuffle better, for legal reasons, any of those submissions immediately become the property of MoodShuffle.

This means that any product idea submitted to MoodShuffle, whether by email, telephone, word of mouth, or any other method is in effect donated to us. So, if we develop your idea or any idea similar to yours, you will not be compensated and it also means that we can use the idea for any purpose.

Any idea that we choose to act upon will first show up on the Upcoming Features list, until we can get it built into a new version of MoodShuffle. Any questions that seem like other users would benefit from knowing the answer(s) to, will posted in our FAQ on the MoodShuffle Support page.

Privacy Policy

If you choose to register your use of MoodShuffle with us, rest assured that your email address will not be sold or given away, ever. We will only use your email address to email you when a new version has been launched if you chose to be notified. Otherwise, you won't hear from us.

MoodShuffle Commercial Use Policy

Plain and simple, you are not allowed to distribute MoodShuffle. MoodShuffle retains all rights. We want to keep track of the distribution of MoodShuffle through download-counts via this website. In order to do so, we can't allow others to distribute MoodShuffle.

If you wish to share MoodShuffle with others, please feel free to give them the MoodShuffle Download url.


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